Together We Will End Hunger, Malnourishment, and Homelessness

Basic Needs Security Field Study Units

Basic Needs Security Field Study Units

Thank you for your interest but Spring 2017 registration is now closed. Please check back here for updates in Fall 2017! 

The Basic Needs Security Team have exciting projects every year that require passionate and committed interns and volunteers to maximize their success. For those interested in the unit earning internship, the unit count determines time requirement:

  • (1) Unit = 45 Hours
  • (2) Units = 90 Hours  

If you are interested, please review our project area & coordinator descriptions to inform your team selection:

Working with the food pantry has been an insightful experience because it not only allowed me to build connections on campus but with the community as well. As a funds and resources intern, I learned a lot of skills including but not limited to: grant writing, public speaking, marketing, networking, and skills that I’ll be able to use even beyond my time with the Food Pantry.
— Wafiqah Shah

  • Finances/Accounting, Esteban Vasquez Coordinator:

    • Coordination of Financial Processes, Creation of Tracking Mechanisms, Development of Reporting Processes, Presentations to Campus Committee.


  • Funds & Resource Development, Hafsa Khalid Coordinator: 

    • Community Partnerships to Provide Meal Vouchers to Students in Need, Identification & Engagement With Community-Selected Responsible Corporate Partners, and Creation of Food Security Community Champions Program. 


  • Community Engagement & Marketing, Hajar Larbah Coordinator: 

    • Creation of Marketing Materials (Web-based/Electronic and Print), Creation & Maintenance of Basic Needs Security Website, and Outreach Team to Increase Campus Awareness & Engagement with Basic Needs Security Efforts (Lecture, Halls, Classrooms, Meetings, Events). 


  • Food Pantry Operations, Carolyn Hsieh Coordinator: 

    • Maximize Food Pantry Hours, Intern & Volunteer Coordination, Launch Pop-Up Food Pantry, Fresh Produce Partnerships, Campus Food Recovery Strategy.


  • Global Food Initiative, Emily Altman Fellow/Coordinator: 

    • UC Berkeley Basic Needs Security Report, UC Berkeley Basic Needs Security Data Strategy (Mapping > Collection > Sharing > Analysis > Evaluation > Reporting), and UC Berkeley Student Basic Needs Security Coalition.